Event Broadcasting

Have you ever been to a conference or festival where there was so much good stuff packed into the program that you couldn’t possibly fit everything in?

When you plan your next event, PostApocProductions can offer you real-time recording of sessions, and interviews with members organizers and other participants.  The people at your event wont miss a thing.

These recordings can be turned into a variety audio piece, a podcast, a chronicle of your event that you can offer to your members.   These podcast can also be a means to promote your organization.  Placing this podcast on your website gives visitors a means to browse your site while the recording is being played.

We also produce slideshows of photos that will play along with the audio.  Professional Audio/Photo slideshow is an alternative to having video on your site.  After all, professional video filming and editing is very costly and the videos files and can be cumbersome on your website.

Take a listen to how we can turn your conference or festival into great radio:


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