About David Merleau

I am a performance storyteller, radio producer and host, as well as an audio production technician.  I create and program both online and low power terrestrial radio stations, and I work with non-profit arts organizations.  I have worked for the CBC in Sudbury Ontario as a journalist and associate producer and I have created Youth Radio initiatives for several community radio stations in Canada including VOBB in Gros Morne Newfoundland.

Currently I manage a radio project for the Storytellers of Canada, and organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the values of oral storytelling.  SC-Radio-CC is a streaming radio station that operates through an NPR style radio network in order to bring local guilds into the fold.  For inquiries on our Radio Rover training or the SC-Radio-CC Rover network, write to radio@storytellers-conteurs.ca





One response to “About David Merleau”

  1. Tim Greenwood says :

    Hey David. Heard you are working on new shows – hoping to see you soon. I am a member of Storytelling Orillia and am telling Stephen Leacock stories at Mariposa this year. Would love to create and tell stories like you do. Loved the squirrel story you told in Orillia awhile back. I work a lot with young people and think your kind of telling appeals to them. I am a bit of a white haired oldie myself but still young at heart and work a lot with young people. Anyway hopefully our paths will cross in the not too distant future. Tim Greenwood

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