Forest Talk Radio – The Laurier Woods Edition

Let’s picture a forest as a neighborhood, just like yours.  Folks that have lived here for generations, while some have arrived a while ago. How are these neighbors getting along? Now imagine there are some immigrants from far off lands who have just moved in, how are they treated in the neighborhood? Are they viewed with suspicion or welcomed with open arms?  What can a forest tell us about how we humans live together?

Want to hear the conversations that are happening between the trees of the Laurier Woods? What would this sound like?  In my mind it sound like an old fashion radio-call in show!  Forest Talk Radio, a GPS smartphone app that translates tree-speak into English as you walk the trails.  Hear these trees tell their own stories, in their own words.

Coming to the Laurier Woods in North Bay Ontario, March 2019.  A media arts project funded by the Ontario Arts Council.


Forest Talk Radio App

A site-specific audio-art installation exploring forest ecology through an oral storytelling driven radio drama, inspired by our natural affinity for digital communication.


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