Going Transdimensional Squirrelly, LIVE!

David Merleau, recorded live at the Canadian Storytelling Night in Orillia Ontario, October 2015.

Dave: …Zeus and Thor have nothing on the shear unbridled tenacious arrogance of Squirrel! Do you see where I’m going with this folks!!…
Crowd: NO!!
Dave: Ah!, well I’ll tell you…

“David Merleau, in particular, had the audience hanging onto his every word at Saturday’s Canadian Storytelling Night event, Let the Fur Fly, at the Orillia Museum of Art and History Saturday night. From making squirrel shuffling sounds to squeals indicating the departure of a certain transdimensional teleporting critter, the audience was pulled in from start to finish.” The Orillia Packet

““He was wacko, but he was really good,” said Tim Greenwood, of Newmarket…”

Many thanks to Hannah Naiman for the doodle and to Jimmy for the bootleg recording!


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