BigFishAM: Callander Bay Ice Village Radio

What is hyperlocal Radio? Well, it is a radio broadcast that uses a low power transmitter. But where it lacks in power and range, it makes up in radio fun because the broadcast is designed especially for you and your community.

This February, BigFish AM has been broadcasting the stories of the folks in the Callander Bay Ice village. This is the community that begins to develop the moment the ice on Lake Nipissing starts to forms.
BigFish AM allows you to share in the experiences of the droves of people who take to the ice every weekend of the fishing season. Hear about their greatest fishing moments, or their scariest time on the ice, and learn from them how to stay warm in this harsh Northern Ontario winter.
BigFish AM supports local businesses and also performs a public service by offering possible listeners information about healthy fishing and ice prudence.

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