The Apocalypse Roadshow:Live Action Radio

What happens when the big one strikes? You look for your radio. And what do you want to hear? Humourous tales about how folks outwit the Apocalypse, of course!!
The Apocalypse Roadshow rolled on into Ottawa to entertain a full house at the Hintonburg Pub Feb 3, with stories and music, and all out mayhem!
Rick Czapelka had us all howling with “Broden” the story of why it is best to let a un-dead old dog lie. Joanna Smith inspired us to break out of our wall-flowering with her adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’. And David Merleau took us on a journey alongside a monstrous yet adorable creature. Richard Dasseau brought us the soundtrack to the show with his magical piano playing.

All the while the ineffable John Gilles hosted the show and brought us his songs that remind us the Apocalypse can never get us down!

The Apocalypse Roadshow was written and directed by David Merleau.


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